Terms of Use

This document supports the terms and conditions for the use of this website. Whilst using this website you will need to ensure acceptance of the terms and conditions. Although if you do choose to disagree with the terms of use you are requested to refrain from using the website. A gentle reminder being that this website does consist of the use of cookies. With consent we invite you to our website with the reliance of the privacy policy.

Authority of use at Elan Academy

Elan Academy is the owner of the cognitive property rights of the containments of the website. All the information and material consisting in the website of Elan Academy are licensed and rightly owned (if not so, credits are appropriately given). All documents are for user purposes. You’re rightfully allowed to view, download, change them as per personal usages only. As per the term use you are not allowed to use the material found the website for publishing onto other as republication. Selling and renting of any material received from Elan Academy are not allowed. Reproduction and exploitation are strictly forbidden.

Acceptable use

It is vitally important ensure that there is no cause of damage to the website or usability; in either illegally, harmfully or unlawfully. You must not use this website or the materials to republish or for the uses of another firm. It is crucial that the contents of the website aren’t used for marketing or any other purposes without the lawful consent of the Elan Academy.

Required Guarantee

This website doesn’t contain any warranties or representations. Although there isn’t a guarantee all the information provided are accurate and no misleading information will be showcased. This website follows the policy of allows being available to the audience. We ensure the right advice and guidance through the courses or paths that will take upon.

Limits of Liability

Elan Academy will not be liable to you or your company if there any allegations of business loss, loss of revenue, contracts, business relations, or reputation. Loss of any data or corruption of data will also not be undertaken by Elan Academy.


All liabilities and terms of use will be upheld. Only way it could be broken down would be if there was any personal injury caused by the Academy or any form of fraud or theft. All legal matters will be upheld to the rightful law.


All terms of use will be notified by you and ensure that your consent is received. Once signed you can not violate or undermine the circumstances. The agreement between the institute and you shall be upheld and respected.