Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

At Elan Academy we ensure that privacy is our number one rule. This privacy policy is applied to all the students and serviced provided by our firm.

Collection of Information

Our institute is here to ensure that we receive all our services and course to the fullest. We will make sure that all information provided by you are kept confidentially. We will ask for reports from you only to ensure that we are keeping you and your expectations in check. As an institute we will make sure to fulfil all your questions and be at your best service. Both the institute and the students will receive record information, Ip address, cookie information as well as the standard browser parameters.

Use of Information

Our institute will ensure to use and process all personal information. All documents will be upheld by the privacy policy. While making sure that all documents are processed, we also ensure there is constant communication with the institute and student. We will make the website as user friendly as possible to fit your details with the help of your advice and concerns. As well as developing our services into a newer brand and quality day by day.

Information security

As an institute we take enough measures to ensure that there are no form of unauthorized access or alterations made to the website or courses. We forbid access to personal information of students to our employees, contracts or any kind of agents.

Accessing and changing personal information

When students, staff and even upcoming members are in use of our service we ensure to apply our best efforts and provide our audience with accurate information. If any mishaps information will be immediately changed to the accuracy expected.

*Please note that the policy can be changed and you will be notified. *