Testing Selenium with Python

What is Testing Selenium with Python?

Python is an undeniable level item situated in scripting language. It is planned in an easy to use way. Python utilizes basic English watchwords, which is not difficult to decipher. It has less punctuation entanglements than some other programming dialects. Selenium is an apparatus to test your web application. You can do this differently, for example 

  • License it to tap on buttons 

  • Enter content in structures 

  • Skim your site to check whether everything is “Alright” 

Selenium upholds Python and in this way can be used as a Selenium WebDriver with Python for testing. Python is simply contrasted with other programming dialects, having undeniably less verbose. The Python APIs engage you to interface with the program through Selenium. Selenium sends the standard Python orders to various programs, in spite of variety in their program’s plan. You can run Selenium with Python contents for Firefox, Chrome, IE, and so forth on various Operating Systems. Java programs will in general run more slowly contrasted with Python programs. Java utilizes customary supports to begin and finish blocks, while Python utilizes space. Java utilizes static composing, while Python is powerfully composed. Python is less complex and smaller contrasted with Java.


Why Testing Selenium with Python?

Selenium is an open source instrument for web application testing. Despite the fact that it may appear to be like QTP, Selenium centers exclusively around electronic application testing while QTP upholds work area based application testing too. Selenium upholds different dialects and Python is one in that rundown. Utilizing Selenium with Python, we can speak with program, send keys and get the qualities. Java utilizes static composing, while Python is powerfully composed. Python upholds numerous programs and we can make our code dependent on our need. Selenium WebDriver is a basic programming interface device to conquer the restrictions of other Selenium APIs. In the vast majority of the web application related situations, Selenium WebDriver is the best apparatus to accomplish. By coordinating computerization with structure, we can work on our errand and get the designed outcome. It is a procedure to fabricate and effectively execute test computerization. Let us go through the various benefits of Selenium WebDriver: 

  • Less difficult Installation measure 

  • More practical program association 

  • A different segment, for example, RC worker is inessential 

  • Quicker Execution time 

  • Open Source 

  • Capacity to run tests across various programs 

  • Supports numerous activity frameworks 

  • Supports cell phones 

  • Capacity to execute tests in equal


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  1. Overview

  2. Course objectives

  3. Prerequisites/ Target audience

  4. Concept of Selenium 

  5. Selenium IDE

  6. Selenium WebDriver

  7. Selenium Remote Control

  8. Selenium Grid

  9. Python concepts

  10. Selenium scripting with Python

  11. Data driven testing with Selenium WebDriver

  12. Extensions of Selenium – Appium, Jenkins, etc. 

  13. Reporting and project


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