Spanish for CBSE Students

Learning a language can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating experience. At times you might feel that you have reached a dead-end (or hit a brick wall) and motivating yourself can become difficult. Don’t forget that speaking a second language not only opens new doors but also has numerous other advantages.



Spanish makes sense! Spanish is spoken by 500 million people worldwide. It is the third most spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin. With 20 Spanish speaking countries, It is the official language of Spain and most countries in Central and South America. It is also one of the most commonly used languages on the internet as far as the volume of content is concerned.

It’s an official, national, or widely spoken language in 44 countries, including the United States. The Spanish Language is one of the most popular foreign language in India.



Many Spanish companies are rapidly increasing footprints in India and giving great career options involving Spanish. Multiple career paths like tourism, foreign service, translation, interpretation, language teaching, journalism, international business for which proficiency in spoken and written Spanish can be a valuable asset.

After learning Spanish, you can work as a language specialist in export and import industry. One can also find plenty of Spanish Jobs in BPO, KPO, MNC, and Call centers since most of these BPO/KPO come from the USA, where Spanish is the second most important language. Of all the foreign language jobs in India, Spanish is one of the most sought-after.

Other options include Spanish teacher jobs, evergreen careers in tourism, hospitality, and Spanish jobs in embassies. By learning to speak, read, and write the Spanish language, you can one day embark on a career as a Spanish language translator and interpreter, providing an invaluable service to global corporations.



This academy will only put in time for you. Each trainer has built and molded themselves for you. This course has shown your power and strength. At each course we ensure that you do great right this moment as well as when you’re off into the real world. This academy doesn’t set you just for the course you have taken upon. We believe you have the strength and mental power to take that leap of faith. Will you?

Our aim is your brighter future. We are here at the foot of the mountain. It was a long way up but you made it. It’s going to be an easier way down but we believe that you have come so far and will be able to reach higher lengths and achievements. You have shown the academy how worthy you are. Now it’s time for the world to see it. Don’t worry it’ll take a few seconds.



  • Expressions of well structures passages and speeches
  • Reacting to different situations with fluency and clarity
  • Having conversations with native speaker in order to enhance your technique
  • Understanding and analyzing speeches at a much faster pace
  • Easily understanding a wide range of passages and complex texts with having central and common ideas.



  • Review of subjunctive tenses
  • Adjective subordinate clauses
  • Verbs in indicative and subjunctive
  • Conditional sentences
  • Verbs for fresh speeches
  • Indirect and direct styles
  • Discursive markers
  • Prepositional phrases
  • Adverbial phrases
  • Accentuation rules


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