Spanish C1

Spanish C1

Uno de tus ultimos hitos. You’re at your last milestones. Can you believe it? You should be beyond proud of yourself. Through these courses we hope we have built your passion and capabilities. You’re capable of so much more. This course has drawn your future and this course will give you a clearer and detailed path. You have trusted us with your wings and it almost time to soar. Are you ready?

Spanish C1 Spanish C1

Why is this course for you?

You have come this far. This course consists of everything you need. Its almost like a pack. A pack which will set you in the right frame of mind when facing real life situations. This course consists of debates, analyzation and so much more. It gives you the upper hand when conversing and communicating native speakers. Conversation with native speakers are crucial so that you’re able to understand the ways and the different topics that could brought up. This course, syllabus and learning outcomes will help you with situation both in and out of classes.

Why Elan Academy?

Elan Academy has been goal orientated. Our priority is to ensure your growth. In each course you will grow into a bigger and person human being. You will be able to see the different opportunities and scales you can reach. We believe that each student is capable of something different. We put your talents on the spotlight. All trainers are here for each sunny day and rainy day just to make sure that you’re able to walk with your head high and be prepared for anything that might cross paths.


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Learning objectives

  • Expressing yourself fluently and spontaneously
  • Creating well structured presentations or complex passages with specific topics
  • Expansions of ideas and thoughts
  • Collecting clear arguments and topics for discussion
  • Understanding of abstract topics
  • Participation on various topics using the language effortlessly.

Grammar Content

  • Advanced use of verbs
  • Affirmative
  • Negative imperative
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs with prepositions
  • Review of subjunctive
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Comparative construction
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • General spelling rules
  • Interpretation and production

Functional content

  • Description of people and objects and more
  • Expression of the past, obligations, advice, emotions and more.
  • Debate
  • Formulating hypotheses
  • Summarizing arguments and speeches
  • Structure of speeches
  • Making literary use of the language
  • Narration of different tenses and verbs

Spanish C1

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