Spanish A2

Spanish A2

Bravo. Lo hiciste hasta aqui. You’re second milestone. We hope from the last course you have been able to convey and build up your passion. This course is another stream into drawing your future and experience. Learn the culture and tradition of Spain through our little Spain.

Spanish A2 Spanish A2

Why is this course for you?

You have come this far and we believe that you’re capable of so much. You’re a risk taker. This course begins connecting you with others. Each topic is designed bring you out of your comfort zone and be able to handle real life situations. It is an early stage. But if there is anyone who can do it. That’s you. This course will guide you through the contents in the most detailed and self-explanatory manner. Its your dedication that has pushed through. Keep it going. It’ll take you a long way.

Why Elan Academy?

We are here to not just guide you but support you. Learning a new language can be overwhelming but we are here to calm and center you. Each and every trainer has been trained to mold you by working by you. Your dedication will help us pull through and ensure that you’re able to grasp everything in the best possible manner. This is your platform and we will make sure you come out shining.

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Spanish A2

Learning outcomes

  • Interaction and communication with native speakers
  • Discuss daily activities, interactions with doctors
  • Asking for directions
  • Expressions of personal opinion and asking for help.
  • Read short texts of different kinds and gestures

Grammatical content

  • Irregularities
  • Modal verbs
  • Past tense (irregular and regular)
  • General alternation
  • Past indefinite
  • Imperfect
  • Future of indicative
  • Direct and indirect object
  • Pronouns
  • Regular imperative

Functional Content

  • Express and ask for opinions
  • Description of asking, grant or denying permissions
  • Describe desires, preferences, needs and more
  • Suggestions (asking and receive)
  • Reacting to stories and short passages
  • Being able to address someone
  • Relation to elements and parts of passages


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