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What is SAP MM? 

SAP MM is the short structure for SAP Material Management framework. MM Stands for Material Management. It is one of the biggest utilitarian modules in SAP. This module for the most part manages the Procurement Process, Master Data (Material and Vendor Master), Inventory Management, Valuation of Material and Account Determination, Material Requirement Planning, Invoice Verification and so forth SAP MM is one of the modules of SAP that manages material administration and stock administration. Material Management as a cycle guarantees no deficiency of materials or any holes in the inventory network interaction of the association. SAP MM speeds up the acquisition and material administration exercises, making the business run easily with complete time and cost effectiveness. It manages dealing with the materials (items as well as administrations) and assets of an association to speed up efficiency and lessen costs. Simultaneously, SAP MM is very adaptable to accommodate changes that are continuous in any business climate. It manages the Procurement Process, Master Data (Material and Vendor Master), Account Determination and Valuation of Material, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Material Requirement Planning, and so on.

  • A business interaction in SAP is named as a “module”. 
  • SAP MM is a piece of logistics capacities and it helps in dealing with the acquisition exercises of an association. 
  • It upholds all parts of material administration (arranging, control, and so forth) 
  • It is the foundation of logistics that joins modules like Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, and Warehouse Management. 



The Material Management is the module that upholds the obtainment exercises in an association right. From arranging and buying to stock administration and quality control. This module has a few highlights and usefulness that are completely incorporated with the other significant modules like Finance and Control, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning. The acquisition interaction consists of a chain of occasions that occur all together. Beginning from the making of a Purchase Requisition (PR), it moves to the approval of PR and formation of a Purchase Order (PO). Consequently, the Goods Receipt (GR) is produced on receipt of the products requested, Invoice Verification happens and the Quality Control exercises are put into action. From that point, the installment is shipped off the sellers for their products/administrations. Client requests are evolving quickly, an association’s productivity is estimated essentially by its capacity to take into account the market requests in the most brief time conceivable. For this to occur, the business must have loads of the necessary crude materials at the perfect time and should have the option to utilize it effectively. An appropriate Material Management measure guarantees that there will never be a lack of materials or any holes in the store network cycle of the association. The SAP MM computerizes the acquisition and material administration exercises to make the cycles smoother and successful. Some unmistakable advantages of SAP MM are: 

  • Decreases material expenses by trying not to load of superfluous or old materials 
  • Stock misfortunes are limited 
  • Direct work costs are decreased and work can be utilized proficiently 
  • Assembling process durations are diminished and can be controlled adequately 
  • Compelling stock administration and decreases consumption on undesirable material stockpiling 
  • Improves conveyance time and builds straightforwardness across the association


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Important tips

SAP MM (Material Management) is one of the significant modules in SAP ERP programming and MM application module upholds the acquisition and stock capacities happening in everyday business tasks. This MM module contains numerous perspectives like buying, merchandise getting, material stockpiling, utilization-based arranging, and stock. SAP MM module is fully incorporated with different modules in the SAP R/3 System like Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM), Plant Maintenance (PM), Production Planning (PP), and Warehouse Management (WM). A successful venture structure empowers to handle the fundamental exchanges and these association designs can be assembled to give explicit useful exercises in Finance, Sales, coordination, and so on Materials Management is the thing that organizations use to choose total details for materials, the particulars for materials passed on to acquirement, and other sourcing capacities. Materials Management is additionally answerable for choosing the measure of material to be moved in the store network at every capacity site, creating material renewal plans, choosing the stock levels to be saved for every class of item (crude material, completed merchandise) and sending material necessities data inside the all-inclusive inventory.


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