1. What is RRB JE?

The RRB JE Exam is conducted for the recruitment for the post of Junior Engineer (JE), Junior Engineer (IT), Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant (CMA), and Depot Material Superintendent. Candidates can know further details on RRB JE exam page.

The RRB Eligibility Criteria, as set by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), consists of age limit, educational qualification, medical verification and citizenship. The application for the RRB JE Exam can only be completed once the eligibility criteria for the same have been fulfilled.

RRB JE recruitment is a recruitment exercise meant to recruit the Junior Engineer (JE), Junior Engineer (Information Technology) Depot Material Superintendent (DMS) and Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant (CMA) in various Departments of Railways. RRB JE recruitment 2020 will start with the RRB JE notification 2020 expected to be issued in March.

rrb je

2. Why RRB JE?

  • This computer-based test.
  • There are 150 MCQ questions.
  • Questions are confined from aptitude and common engineering branches too.
  • Candidates can apply only area wise. For example, if you have filled the form from Bhubaneswar, then after selection process is done, you will definitely be posted in the same location.
  • Candidates selection rate is around 200 out of total thousands of candidates.
  • While in RRB JE, you can be shifted to TRD, IT, workshop, P-Way and bridge.
  • Housing facilities provided
  • You will be offered 1st class AC fare and other discounts on railway tickets as well.
  • It involves a lot of field work.
  • Growth it offers very limited growth.

3. How to prepare?

  • Once a thorough understanding of the subject has been achieved, candidates must segregate their weak and strong sections.
  • A preparation plan that focuses on the weak sections must be prepared
  • The RRB JE Mock Tests must be taken on a regular basis in order to get a proper understanding of the exam pattern of General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • Segregate the weak and strong sections after understanding the RRB JE Syllabus on mathematics.
  • Set a short term goal that is plausible and tries to achieve it.
  • Prepare a study plan that strengthens the basics, at the same time improving the weaker sections as well.
  • Completely understanding the RRB JE Syllabus of the General Science section will help in dividing the strong and weak sections for the candidates.
  • Attempting RRB JE Mock Tests on a daily basis will help in getting a fair understanding of the exam pattern for RRB JE Exam.

4. Important materials:


RRB JE 1st Stage CBT has the following four sections:

  • a. General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • b. General Awareness
  • c. Mathematics
  • d. General Science

RRB JE 2nd Stage CBT has the following sections:

  • a. General Awareness
  • b. Physics and Chemistry
  • c. Basics of Computers and Application
  • d. Basics of Environment and Pollution Control
  • e. Technical Abilities

RRB JE Syllabus for Mathematics (CBT 1)

The following topics are included in the Mathematics section:

1. Algebra

2. Polynomials

3. Installments

4. Factors and Simplification

5. Arithmetic Simple and Compound Interest

6. Taxation

7. Shares and Dividends

8. Ratio and Proportion

9. Percentage

10. Time and Distance

11. Time and Work

12. Profit and Loss

13. Pipes and Cisterns

14. Mensuration

15. Problem on Ages

16. Investment

17. Basic Data Interpretation

18. Histogram

19. Frequency Polygon

20. Bar-Diagram

21. Pie-Chart

22. Pictorial Graph

RRB JE Syllabus General Awareness (CBT 1)

The General Awareness section of RRB JE requires knowledge of current affairs and events/issues of national as well as international importance. A few questions related to new technologies and reform in Indian Railway can also be asked. In short, you have to be ready with every topic given below:

1. Rail Budget

2. General Awareness on Railway

3. Indian Polity

4. Current Events

5. Geography

6. Economy

7. Banking

8. Sports

9. Finance Marketing

10. Indian History

RRB JE Syllabus for General Intelligence & Reasoning (CBT 1)

The Reasoning section can be a tricky one because it checks your logical compatibility. We advise you to read the questions properly before solving them. Check out the detailed RRB JE Syllabus for General Intelligence & Reasoning below:

1. Number Series

2. Input-Output

3. Syllogism

4. Coding-Decoding

5. Word Building

6. Clock

7. Seating Arrangement

8. Calendar

9. Decision Making

10. Direction Sense

11. Visual Memory

12. Blood Relations

13. Figural Classification

14. Arithmetical Reasoning

15. Similarities and Differences

16. Space Visualization or Space Orientation

17. Analogy

18. Non-Verbal Series

19. Statement Conclusion

JE Syllabus for General Awareness (CBT 2)

Find the RRB JE Syllabus for CBT 2 – General Awareness below:

1. Knowledge of Current affairs

2. Indian Geography

3. Culture and History of India including freedom struggle, Indian Polity and constitution, Indian Economy

4. Environmental issues concerning India and the World

5. Sports

6. General scientific and technological developments

RRB JE Syllabus for Physics & Chemistry (CBT 2)

The overall syllabus of Physics and Chemistry comprises of up to 10th standard CBSE syllabus.

JE Syllabus for Basics of Computers & Applications (CBT 2)

The RRB JE Syllabus for Basics of Computers & Applications is as below:

1. Architecture of Computers

2. Input and Output devices

3. Storage devices

4. Networking

5. Operating System like Windows, Unix, Linux

6. MS Office

7. Various data representation

8. Internet and Email

9. Websites & Web Browsers

10. Computer Viruses

RRB JE Syllabus for Basics of Environment & Pollution Control (CBT 2)

The syllabus for Basics of Environment & Pollution Control is as below:

1. Basics of Environment

2. The adverse effect of environmental pollution and control strategies

3. Air, Water and Noise pollution & their effect and control

4. Waste Management

5. Global warming

6. Acid rain

7. Ozone depletion

RRB JE Syllabus for Technical Abilities (CBT 2)

The section of Technical Abilities covers the engineering subjects. In this section, we will cover the RRB JE Syllabus for CBT 2 – Technical Abilities.

RRB JE Syllabus for Electronics Engineering (CBT 2)

For Electronics Engineering, the syllabus is as under:

1. Electronic Devices

2. Wireless Communication

3. Energy Bands

4. Signal and Systems

5. Carrier Transport in Silicon: Diffusion current, Drift current, Mobility, and Resistivity

6. Generation and recombination of carriers

7. Tunnel

8. Control System

9. Junctions

10. Diodes

11. EMFT

12. Analog and Digital Circuits

13. Communication

14. Basics of Signal and Systems

RRB JE Syllabus for Electrical Engineering (CBT 2)

We bring you the detailed syllabus of the Electrical Engineering section:

1. Machines

2. Electrical and Electronic Measurements

3. Basics of Circuit and Power Electronics

4. Analog and Digital Electronics

5. Signals and Systems

6. Power and Control Systems

7. Circuits and Measurement Systems

RRB-JE Syllabus for Computer Engineering (CBT 2)

The syllabus for Computer Engineering is as under:

1. Languages

2. Computer Fundamentals

3. MS Office

4. Information Systems

5. Software Engineering


7. Operating Systems

8. Computer Networks

9. Web Technology and Programming

10. Network Communication

11. Database

12. Algorithms

13. System Programming

RRB JE Syllabus for Civil Engineering (CBT 2)

The syllabus for Civil Engineering is as under:

1. Estimating

2. Costing

3. General Civil Engineering

4. Construction or Structure Engineering and Drawing

5. Valuation

6. Soil Mechanics

7. Structural Analysis

8. Building Materials

9. Mechanics

10. Concrete Structures

11. Steel Structures

12. Construction

13. Water Requirements

14. Hydraulics

15. Hydrology

16. Highway Planning

17. Traffic Engineering

18. Projections

19. Errors and Adjustments

20. Environmental Engineering

21. Surveying

22. Coordinate System

23. Curves

24. Measurements of distance and directions

Syllabus of RRB JE for Instrumentation & Measurement Engineering (CBT 2)

The detailed syllabus for Instrumentation & Measurement Engineering is as follows:

1. Basics of Measurement Systems

2. Mechanical Measurement

3. Transducers

4. Analog or Digital Electronics

5. Circuits

6. Industrial Instrumentation

7. Process Instrumentation

RRB JE Syllabus for Information Technology (CBT 2)

The syllabus for Information Technology is mentioned below:

1. MS Offices

2. Computer Fundamentals and Organization

3. Information Systems

4. C, C++, and Java Language


6. System Programming

7. Software Engineering

8. SAD


10. Web Technology and Programming

11. Data and Network Communication

12. Operating Systems

JE Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering (CBT 2)

The detailed syllabus for Mechanical Engineering is given below:

1. Strength of Materials

2. Fluid Mechanics

3. Heat Transfer

4. Theory of Machines

5. Kinematics of Machine

6. Engineering Mechanics

7. Machining and Machine Tool Operations

8. Thermodynamics

9. Power Engineering

10. IC Engine Cycles

11. Casting

12. Stream Tables

13. Thermodynamics cycles

14. Metrology and Inspection

RRB JE Syllabus for Chemical Engineering (CBT 2)

For Chemical Engineering, the syllabus is as under:

1. Basic Concepts of Fuel

2. Thermodynamics

3. Applied Chemistry

4. Material Science

5. Instrumentation and Measurement

6. Polymers

7. Computers

8. Environment and Pollution Control

RRB JE Syllabus for Printing Press (CBT 2)

The syllabus for Printing Press is as under:

1. Printing Techniques

2. Printing Materials

3. Paper and Ink Technology

4. Digital Technology and Imaging

5. Control Application in Printing

6. Printing Surface Preparation

7. Offset Printing

8. Color Science

9. Flexor and Gravure

10. Newspaper Printing

11. Basic Concepts of Computers

a. E-books:

1. Mathematics

  • ‘How to Crack Test of Arithmetic in All Competitive Exams’ by Richa Agarwal
  • ‘Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations’ by R.S. Agarwal
  • ‘Practice Book on Quicker Maths’ by M. Tyra and K. Kundan
  • ‘Fast Track on Objective Arithmetic’ by Rajesh Verma

2. Reasoning and General Intelligence

  • ‘A Modern Approach to Non-verbal and Verbal Reasoning’ by R.S. Agarwal
  • ‘Test of Reasoning and General Intelligence’ by Showick Thorpe
  • ‘Test of Reasoning’ by Edgar Thorpe
  • ‘Reasoning and General Intelligence’ by Kunwar Ishwar Singh Rathore

3. General Science

  • ‘Environment GK’ by Shiv Kumar
  • ‘Lucent’s General Knowledge’ by Lucent Publications

4. General Awareness

  • ‘Manorama Yearbook’ by Malayala Manorama
  • ‘RRB JE General Awareness Book’ by Disha Publications
  • ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ by Upkar Publications

5. Civil Engineering books

  • ‘Fast Track RRB Technical’ by Chandresh Agarwal
  • ‘Guide to RRB JE’ by Disha Experts
  • ‘RRB Junior Engineer’ by GKP Publication

6. Electrical Engineering books

  • ‘RRB JE and Senior Section Engineer’ by Shyam Sundar
  • ‘RRB JE Exam Electrical’ by Chandresh Agarwal

7. Mechanical Engineering books

  • ‘Indian Railways Junior Engineer Mechanical Recruitment Exam’ by Arihant Experts
  • ‘Mechanical Engineering (Objective Type and Conventional)’ by S. Chand
  • ‘Guide to RRB JE Mechanical’ by Disha Experts

8. Electronics Engineering books

  • ‘Indian Railways Junior Engineer Electronics Recruitment Exam’ by Arihant Experts
  • ‘RRB- Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Exam Guide for JE’ by GKP Publications

9. Computer Engineering books

  • ‘A Handbook on IT and Computer Science’ by Made Easy
  • ‘Objective Computer Science and IT’ by G.K. Mithal

b. Videos:

RRB JE preparation strategy:


Boost your preparation of RRB JE:


How to prepare for RRB JE:


How to crack RRB JE:


RRB JE exam pattern and syllabus:


How to crack RRB JE in 1st attempt:


5. Previous year question papers with answers:

2015 question paper:


2014 question paper:


2013 question paper:


2012 question paper:


Sample paper:


6. Important tips:

  • Go through the syllabus and form a proper everyday plan such that all the topics of the syllabus are covered.
  • Refer to the best Study Materials that consists of all important topics, varieties of problems, detailed explanation.
  • Start with topics that you are confident of and can solve easily. This will help you to gain some interest and also the confidence to move forward.
  • Along with your preparation go through RRB JE Previous Year Papers
  • Keep taking regular notes, noting down all important formulae and shortcuts at a place. This will help you in revising at the last moment before the exam.
  • Attempt regular RRB JE Mock Test or Railway mock test and Quizzes to test your preparation. Also, you can get the exam to feel with real-time timer driven mock tests.
  • Work on time management and accuracy. Try to solve more and more previous year question papers within a given time. Always remember that both time and accuracy are required to score well in the exam.
  • Study the revision notes which was prepared earlier during preparation subject wise
  • Solve more and more RRB JE Previous year question papers to be perfect in all subjects
  • You can take up the question paper in the form of the real exam to test your skills by yourself.
  • This way you can improve your speed and accuracy. You can also improve time management skills
  • Take up mock tests regularly to know your errors.
  • Check your solutions to know where you go wrong and correct them
  • Revise tough topics again to improve more.
  • Make sure to remember the important keywords or key points.
  • Read newspapers daily to be updated with daily current affairs.
  • Read General Knowledge Books as well to know important issues.
  • Keep revising well.
  • Eat healthy food to stay healthy.
  • Do not read any new topics when the exam is nearby.
  • Do not panic if you cannot remember any topic.

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