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PTE also known as Pearson’s tests of English. The PTE is a computer-based examination. The examinations targets students who are more comfortable working with computers. People who chose to take the PTE examination carries the advantage of being analytically and logically inclined. These strengths give them the upper hand of working more efficiently and ensuring that they are doing their best. We believe that this quality is within everyone. We will do our best to bring out their talents and capabilities. The examination is well renowned all around the world. As well as being taken priority to several government embassies when applying abroad.


Why Elan Academy?

In this course Elan Academy is not only ensuring the right guidance but also to be able to bring out the strengths that can be hidden. In this course we will test you. This test isn’t just for an examination that is set on a specific date in an examination hall. This examination is to test your capabilities. It is to push yourself to break beyond your barriers and be able to see what you’re capable of. So, untangle you wings and let this course guide into a bigger and brighter future.

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