What is Node.js?

Node JS is an open source, cross platform and back-end JavaScript runtime environment. It runs on the VB engine as well as executes the JavaScript code outside of the web browser. This framework helps the developers to use the JavaScript to write the command line tools. The developers also use the framework for the purpose of server-side scripting which means running the server side of the script to produce a dynamic web page content way before sending the page to the web browser of the user. 

The paradigm “JavaScript everywhere” is represented by Node.js and it unifies the development of the web application around one programming language rather than using different languages for server side and the client side scripts. 

Why Node.js?

Node.js is an open source, server-side script that runs on top of Google’s scripting engine that is open-source in nature. The framework is fast and lightweight. Along with all these features, it also has great efficiency. The framework uses asynchronous mode of operation and event driven output or input in place of using traditional or separate threads for different processes. This cross-platform environment helps in executing JavaScript code outside the browser. It helps in using JavaScript to create the node applications or can even use other languages that can ultimately compile to JavaScript. It is written in the same way as that of the client-side application. For this, a node development environment needs to be set up. 

Node.js is a great tool which helps in building real-time web applications. The cross-platform applications that the framework provides runs properly on a web. Node.js consists of certain built-in modules that help in further installations. It is even possible to install certain custom modules from NPM as required by the application. Modules can be created by the user on his/her own and can be used by importing into different applications. 

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  1. Node.js overview
  2. Node.js – basics and setup
  3. Node.js console
  4. Node.js command utilities
  5. Node.js modules
  6. Node.js concepts
  7. Node.js events
  8. Node.js with Express.js
  9. Node.js database access


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