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  • What is MS excel?

MS Excel is a widely used Microsoft Office program that Microsoft Corporation introduced in 1985.It is a spreadsheet software that is used for numerical data saving and analysis. It is a spreadsheet program where, in the form of tables, one can record data. An Excel spreadsheet can easily analyse data. It is useful in many respects, such as statistical data, statistical and mathematical estimates, statistical application-related inferences, graphs based on data availability, as well as helping to improve professional reporting. 

It is a document that stores information in cells within a column and row table. Rows are usually marked with numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.), while columns are marked with letters (A, B, C, etc.).MS Excel saves people a lot of time and makes it easier for people to evaluate information. It has the power to calculate automatically, so it is also used in accounting and finance. After 31 years, it is now the most widely used program for constructing graphs and pivot tables. Nonetheless, many also think it is just a basic instrument for small business purposes, but that’s incorrect. It is something bigger than we think it is.

  • Why MS excel?

For different purposes, MS Excel is commonly used because the data is easy to save, and without any discomfort and less hard work, details can be added and removed. Data storage is simple since there is no limit to the amount of information that can be contained in a spreadsheet. MS Excel is commonly used for data storage or data analysis. The fast and convenient way to filter data in Excel is to filter the information. The use of different mathematical formula applications and the formula option available has made it simpler and less time-consuming to do calculations. 

These spreadsheets can be guarded with a password on a laptop or personal computer and the risk of losing them is much lower compared to data written in registers or pieces of paper. Earlier, after the paperwork was finished, records had to be stored in various files and registers. Now, because of the presence of more than one worksheet that can be added into a single MS Excel file, this has become convenient. When the data is stored in the form of a table, it becomes simpler to interpret. Thus, data is more readable and understandable in the spreadsheet.

  • Important Materials

  • E-books

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Microsoft Excel 2010: Data Analysis and Business Modelling eBook by Wayne L. Winston –

Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step eBook by Curtis D. Frye –

EXCEL VBA Step-by-Step Guide To Learning Excel Programming Language For Beginners by Jason Jay –


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  1. Important tips for MS excel

MS Excel is a one of the most important and globally used Microsoft tools. The most important thing used in this tool for better efficiency is its keyboard shortcuts. There are many time saving formulas which are used to increase the efficiency in work. Many times, people ignore lots of things in Excel for which they face a lot of problems while tackling a complex situation. So, the following are some of the tips for MS Excel:

1) You should learn Visual Basics for Applications for better understanding which is available free in many books and online resources and no need to worry because no prior knowledge of coding is required in VBA.

2) The first and foremost things the beginners should learn is how to use the structured references to Excel tables in formulas.

3) The use of Pivot Tables should be done as it summarizes the data for more extensive data which becomes more efficient and saves more time.

4) The most important thing you should learn is to familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts which becomes easy, feasible and less time consuming.

5) Selections of the cell can be done with one click and columns and rows can be resized instantly where you can move up without scrolling.

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