German Translation Services

German Translation Services

Demand for translators is growing as the world becomes increasingly connected. Multinational businesses, government agencies, hospitals or courtrooms may hire German translators.


Why is this course for you?

German translation certification programs help students grow accustomed to the traditions, advanced grammar arrangements and frequently used idioms in the German and English languages; they can then translate legal documents and research papers used in places such as medical facilities and international business meetings. Employment in the field of translators is projected to be highly competitive for the next decade and earnings can vary depending on the skill sets.

German Translation Services German Translation Services

Why Elan Academy?

German is the second most spoken language and third most taught language after English and French. Elan Academy has been one of the best institutes providing German Translation courses to thousands. At Elan we ensure that you just don’t learn the German Language but also understand about the country, its culture and people. Our trainers will motivate you and help you realise your dreams. Your achievements are our goals.


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Learning Outcomes:

  • Being able to converse fluently and spontaneously with native speakers
  • Being able to be detailed and extensive when expressing themselves in a wide range of topics
  • Being able to translate any complex sentences and Paragraphs to German


  • Introduction to translation
  • Technical and scientific translation
  • German literature translation
  • Cultural factors in translation
  • Translation theory
  • Commercial, legal, news, medical and technological translation

German Translation Services

Main Coverage:

  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary


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