German for Kids


German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union (far more than English, Spanish, or French). You might be looking into this page as a requirement but not for long. The passion built here will pave your path through your life. Being a bilingual human being, being someone who can take the leap of faith even while not knowing what will hit them at the bottom.


When you learn the German language, you get acquainted with the culture of the country it is spoken in, and you start loving it. Learning a new language will enable you to get in touch with its historical roots and enhance your personality and knowledge. On a professional means, communication and understanding the language opens many job opportunities. German is one of the primary languages used in intercontinental relations and business and there are several reputed online institutions like where one can easily get fluent in German language.

The course might be just a start but we assure you the start is to something that will be cherished for a very long time. You will have the opportunity to be bilingual. To be known by the best at your best. This is the time to take a chance and show the world that you are going to be something the world has not even seen.


Elan Academy has been training German language for thousands of students all over India. But is it just an academy? It’s not. It’s a family. This course comes with a package of highly professional staff members. In this academy we focus on one to one attention to ensure that each kid is able to receive the best service available. The French course is a simple course at the start but gets complex throughout the journey. We are here to take care and ensure that each step you take is taken with confidence and strength. This course with Elan Academy will be a leap of faith to ensure a brighter and successful future for the kids.

  1. Spoken Reception
  2. Spoken Interaction
  3. Spoken Production
  4. Written Reception
  5. Written Interaction
  6. Written Production
  7. Linguistic Range and Control
  8. Intercultural and Sociolinguistic Awareness
  9. Critical Thinking



  1. Introduction German alphabets
  2. Introduction to phonetics and basic pronunciation
  3. Understanding the everyday situations
  4. Detailed understanding of short telephone calls, messages and more
  5. The ability to fill in basic personal information on forms whilst registration
  6. Providing and requesting for prepositions
  7. Introduction to different verbs, nous, pronouns, present and simple past tense


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