German C2

German C2

Welcome to your last course. You have come this far and we are beyond proud of your achievements and so should you be. You’re about to take on the world and show them all that you’re capable of. Test yourself, always. It’ll bring in all your hidden talents. Es gehort dir.

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Why is this course right for you?

The German C2 course. One more step to achieving the full course and testing your fullest abilities. This course is the beginning of your detailed and complex situations that you can overcome and apply into your daily life. All the modules are a combination by which you can work through different aspects of the world such as political, social or academical. This course will prepare and set you for anything that shall be in your way. This course is going to set you right into the streets of Germany. Being able to converse with native speakers as well as being able to get on with your daily routine. A world where you can make anything possible. Its yours.

Why Elan Academy?

We are here for you. We are here for you to mold us into anything you wish us to be to ensure that all your dreams and goals are achieved. This course will take you into another dimension. You will be placing your future in the hands of these courses. We are here to take away the stress and teach you everything you need to know in the best way possible. We are here to help you through anything and everything you need. You’re ready. Beyond ready. The journey further on will be something that you will never forget. Its time to show the world everything you’re capable of. We know you can do it. Wieriederson.

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  • Debates
  • Analysation of documents and speeches
  • World issues; Analysation and written
  • Conversing with native speakers
  • Complex grammar
  • Construction of arguments and presentations
  • Analysis of the world daily needs
  • Being able to go through your daily lives without any hassles.

Learning outcome:

  • Being able to have a detailed analysis on legal documents, debates and world issues
  • To be able to communicate with native speakers as well as expressing yourself in complex situations
  • Reconstruct speeches, arguments and presentations
  • Complex grammar in your words and written work

Main coverage:

  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary

word image 19 Exam telc Deutsch C2 - Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg German Grammar pdf | German Language learning (Online) in Jaipur ...

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