German A2

What is German A2?

Bist du bereit fur rest deiner reise? Welcome to another step of your journey.  This course begins preparing you for the outside world. To be able to converse and understand native speakers. The materials provided below will give you the supper hand in understanding and to be in a more comfortable self-whilst learning. Die Welt ist bereit fur dich. Bist du bereit fur die Welt? The world is ready for you. Are you ready for the world?

Why German A1? Benefits and opportunities

This course is more than just a requirement: it is passion and dedication. The Elan Academy provides you with endless opportunities and paths. Being part of this course widens your horizons and scales. When a person is a bilingual human being it means that they are able to push themselves into unfamiliar situations and grasp the knowledge and curiosity behind it all. This course brings confidence and personal growth. A life changing step starts with the right materials and course. Which is why Elan Academy has provided free resources to enhance in your personal time and grow according to your pace whilst learning with professional trainers.

How to prepare for German A1?


  • The ability to draw out and understand the required information on broadcasts, radios and more
  • To understand phrases and topics directly aimed at the persons habits, lives, routines, interests, etc
  • To be able to communicate clearly on basic topics
  • Ability to describe the people they work around, the education and personal topics in a formal manner
  • To understand communication that are common in public spaces
  • Have a detailed understanding of prepositions, pronominal verbs and more


Tips and tricks:

Learning a new language can be stressful which is why these tips will allow you to be centred and calm. These links and tips will give you a better understanding of the topic and the syllabus that will come along the way of this course.

  • YouTube videos
  • Sample papers
  • Short stories
  • Audio books
  • Local radio
  • Songs
  • Short movies or clips
  • Audio recordings

These tips and tricks will guide you through this course to ensure that you’re not lost and are able to centre yourself. All these materials will make the course more fun and educational. Ensuring that you are dedicating your time and motivating yourself is the key of this course. Keep your head high, it’ll go a long way.


Preparation patterns:

Keeping a high and constant schedule will allow you to have a better planning and understanding during this course. The pattern of exam is listed below but will also give you an insight on the things to focus on.

The best way to prepare is to plan ahead. At Elan we provide you with all the tips and guidance. This shall prepare you for the course. Keep your head held high.


Important materials:


Workbook –

Model practice material-

Training material –

Video links

Sample Papers:

Leseverstehen (Reading comprehension):

Task 1 – Headings

Task 2 – Find information

Task 3 – multiple choice task

Schreiben (Written):

Task 1 – Letter

Task 2 – Election topic

Horverstehen (listening comprehension):

Task 1 – short talks

Task 2 – Notes

Task 3 – Radio broadcast

Sprechen (Speaking):

Task 1 – conversation

Task 2 – picture history

Task 3 – transactional dialogues

Task 4 – common task


Important tips for German A2 and the examinations:

Exam details –

This examination consists of 4 modules, listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The listening module consists of 4 parts. Each part consists of 20 questions carrying 20 points. The first part will provide 5 different dialogues which will played twice. The second part will be 1 dialogue consisting of 5 questions. The 3rd part will have 5 dialogues which will only be played once. The 4th part will be one dialogue with 5 statements. This dialogue will be played twice.

The reading module also consists of 4 parts. The first part will have one passage along with 5 sentences. You would need to coordinate the sentences with the passage. The 2nd part will have information based on the 5 questions provided. The 2nd passage could be from any ranging topic. It is important to read through them all and have a clear understanding. The 3rd part will be in the format of an email. This section will also consist of 5 statements or questions that you need to correlate. The 4th part is 5 sentences and 5 texts that you would need to match together.

The writing module consists of 2 parts. The 1st part will be where you have to write a short paragraph on the given topic. The second part is where you will be given a theme ad you would have to write a letter revolving around the theme and possible points given in the question itself.

The speaking module consists of 3 parts. The first part is done with another candidate. A situation where you would receive 4 cards and would have to frame questions based on them whilst your partner answers the question. This process will be done both ways. The 2nd part would consist of receiving 1 main theme and 4 words revolving around it. You would need to describe yourself with the correlation of the theme and the 4 words. The 3rd part is when you play a role with a partner as a dialogue. You would both have to speak for about 3-4 minutes.

Exam cracking tips –

All the tips learnt during this course will guide you through your examination. Remember to pace yourself. Don’t stress. Work on the different strategies provided to you. When reading make sure to underline or highlight the important fact. During writing beware of your time. Keep yourself focused. Don’t deviate to another topic or factor, focus on one and keep building the idea. Read the instructions carefully. Follow them and make sure that you’re rechecking your answers. During the listening test make sure to write down important dates, names etc. Make sure to always keep your focus. When you’re calm and centred you can achieve it all.

german A2german a2

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