French B2

French B2:

One of your last steps into an unravelling journey. This course is where you begin to comprehend and analyse larger texts. Enhance your communication skills. As well as begin conversing with native speakers to have a better understanding of communication and fluency. The language as any other comes with steps and levels. This level ensures that you’re able to connect and showcase your capabilities in real life situations and not just as a course.


Why is this course right for you?

This course will enhance your communication skills, listening and reading skills. In this course we focus on time management, understanding of the topics and more. The level ensures that you’re connected with the real world and are able to adapt to the situations. Its to ensure that you will be able to express your opinions in the best manner possible. This course is the step to a fluent and expressive stage.


Why Elan Academy?

Elan academy is providing not just their services as teacher but also their dedication. This course is to showcase your talents of learning and adapting to a new language. We are here to guide you from day one. We will work through the challenges you have and ensure that you come out stronger and confident. Our course is split up so that each lesson you’re able to grasp as much as possible as well as ensure that you’re able to completely immerse yourself into the topic. Our lessons are constructed in a manner that the student will stay engrossed and interested both after and before classes.

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  • Is able to understand long lectures and speeches involving complex lines and arguments.
  • Being able to understand and analyse news, movies, tv shows, etc.
  • Be able to read articles and reports for a more particular point of view and accurate analyses.
  • Understanding of contemporary literary text.
  • Fluent communication and normal conversation with a native speaker.
  • Active participation in group discussions
  • Be able to express your thoughts and point of view in a detailed manner.
  • Vocabulary topics; current affairs and social trends

Main coverage:

  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary

Learning outcomes:

  • To be able to read, comprehend harder and complicates texts
  • To converse with natives and ensure that there is fluency and expressive
  • To be able to understand audios between natives
  • Be able to express your point of view, whether it is a speech, debate, etc.

French B2 French B2

French B2

French B2

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