Digital Marketing

  1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a process of reaching customers using electronic devices or assets like the Internet, Mobile, Emails, Social Media, search engines. Digital Marketing is a broad field that helps the customer to know the company better and buy their products.

  1. Why Digital Marketing?

Everyone uses Social media and other internet platforms today so digital media means your company is more accessible to those customers. Moreover, digital media lets you know which audience to target challenging your competitors. Digital Media means engaging influencers and earning their respect who will in return endorse your company. Low budget with higher flexibility for marketing efforts. It also allows you to bring multiple types of media into marketing.

  1. How to prepare for Digital Marketing?

Basically, there are six steps to become an expert in Digital Marketing

  • Study free eBooks online on Digital Marketing
  • Practice by creating test campaigns and learn from mistakes
  • Get certification and qualified by doing courses or internships
  • Train and learn from pros on digital marketing
  • Start your own digital marketing blogs
  • Keep improving

Important Materials:

  1. EBooks-



Digital Marketing-

  1. Videos-

About Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing? –

Growth in Digital Marketing-

Important Tips:

Some of the key points one should keep in mind while digital marketing

  1. Spend Wisely
  2. Be creative in content
  3. Integrate all marketing challenges
  4. Optimize product listing Ads
  5. Use Digital Advertising and Infographics

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