C Programming

  • What is C Programming?

C Programming is a general-purpose programming language which is very popular and simple in its working. It is equally flexible and very user friendly. This programming language is machine independent. This programming language is perfectly structured and is used in a variety of applications all together. Being the basic programming language, it writes almost everything starting from the operating systems to various complex programs like the Oracle database, Python and many more. C programming language is often considered as the programming language of God because this is the base of all other programming languages. If a person has the knowledge of C programming language it is very likely that he/she will be able to grasp the other programming languages on the basis of the concept of this language.

While dealing with C programming, one should know the background of the mechanism of computer memory. It is an important aspect in dealing with the programming language. C programming is a very powerful programming language and it is closely associated with the UNIX operating system. It is even evident that a large number of UNIX operating systems are coded in the C programming language.

  • Why C Programming?

C programming language is immensely important for coding and has great benefits.

  1. It is a middle level language that combines features of both low level as well as high level language. Low level programming includes scripting for the drivers along with the kernels. It even supports the high-level programming like software application scripting and many more.
  2. This programming language is structured in its form which allows it to break the complex programs into the simpler version.
  3. The different features of C programming include direct access to different machine level hardware APIs and use of deterministic resources.
  4. The C programming language is case sensitive. This means that the uppercase letters and the lowercase letters are treated in a different manner in this programming language.
  5. The high portability of this programming language is of great benefit to the users. It is used to script the system applications which form an essential part of the Windows, Linux and UNIX operating system.
  6. C programming works efficiently with respect to enterprise applications, graphics, games, and the different applications that require calculation and many more.
  7. The C programming language has a rich library which gives option for a variety of built-in functions. It even offers memory allocation that is dynamic in nature.
  1. Important materials 
  • E-books – 

Learn to program with C by Noel Kalicharan –



C programming: The ultimate way to learn fundamentals of the C language by Harry H. Chaudhary –



Fundamentals of computer programming with C by Svetlin Nakov – http://ksuweb.kennesaw.edu/~rgesick1/Fundamentals-of-Computer-Programming-with-CSharp-Nakov-eBook-v2013.pdf


C programming: A modern approach by K. N. King –



Study guide for C programming: A modern approach by Manuel E. Bermudez –



  1. Videos –


  1. How to learn C programming faster?

The individuals can learn C programming language quite fast by using the below mentioned tips:

  1. Learning the program is all about getting in touch with the codes. While learning, one should focus on the examples and study as well as understand every example carefully. This can help them in getting habituated with the writeups and understanding it more clearly.
  2. Along with reading the examples, one need to run it as well. Once you run the codes, you get to know the various functions and it becomes easy to understand the concept well.
  3. When the individual is done with understanding the examples of the codes, he/she should work on writing the codes. Practice helps a lot in this matter. The individual needs to start writing small segments of the program if he/she is intending to build a larger program.
  1. Important tips about learning C programming language
  1. C programming takes into consideration an interesting aspect that is the debugger. The individuals need to learn about how to use a debugger.
  2. You can check different videos to learn the essentials of programming language.
  3. To understand the concepts well, the individuals can even take the help of different books and teaching materials.
  4. Sometimes, you may need to keep a check on the elapsed time and check on the macro to get the array size of different data types.

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