Advanced Excel

  1. What is Advance Excel?

Advance Excel is the advanced features and functions of MS Excel tools which help us to evaluate complex and huge calculations. It deals with large data and functions related to it like conditional formatting, power query, advanced charting, VBA, pivot tables, and various functions. Advance Excel uses features like power query, power map, asap features, advance data filters to manage data of lakhs.

  1. Why Advance Excel?

Many DEO jobs nowadays require Advanced Excel skills so learning it will obviously be a big boost to your career. Seeing the trend, Advanced Excel will most likely reign in the next 5 years so people knowing this skill will be in huge demand thus making you a valuable member of the company. Advance Excel makes life easier for anyone plus it helps any professional in organizing data. Advance Excel also improves the efficiency and productivity of a company, saving valuable time.

  1. How to prepare for Advance Excel?

There are no eligibility criteria for learning Advanced Excel so any one can purchase this skill. There are many websites offering online courses in Advance Excel with different class timings and class frequency.

Syllabus of Advanced Excel –

  1. Overview of the Basics of Excel
  2. Working with Functions
  3. Data Validations
  4. Working with Templates
  5. Sorting and Filtering Data
  6. Working with Reports
  7. More Functions
  8. Formatting
  9. Macros
  10. Charts

4. Important Materials:

  1. EBooks-

Advanced Excel Skills:

CFI Excel:

Excel Advanced:

  1. Videos-

Advanced Excel Tutorial –

Excel Advanced –

Top 15 Advanced Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks-

Important Tips-

Learners should be confident using basic Excel or else it will be tough to learn an advanced version of Excel because it requires a lot of short tricks that what we learnt in Excel Basic.


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