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  • What is Web development?

Web development is the structure and support of websites; the work occurs in the background to make a website look incredible, work quick and perform well with a consistent client experience. Web engineers, or ‘devs’, do this by utilizing an assortment of coding dialects. The dialects they use relies upon the sorts of errands they are performing and the stages on which they are working. Web development abilities are sought after worldwide and generously compensated as well – making development an extraordinary profession alternative. It is one of the most straightforward open more generously compensated fields as you needn’t bother with a customary college degree to get qualified.

The field of web development is for the most part separated into front-end (the client confronting side) and back-end (the worker side). How about we dive into the subtleties. A front-end dev deals with format, plan and intuitiveness utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They take a thought from the planning phase and transform it into the real world. The backend designer engineers what is happening in the background. This is the place where the information is put away, and without this information, there would be no frontend. The backend of the web consists of the worker that has the website, an application for running it and a data set to contain the information.

  • Why Web development

What you see and what you use, for example, the visual part of the website, the drop-down menus and the content, are completely united by the front-end dev, who composes a progression of projects to tie and construct the components, make them look great and add intuitiveness. These projects are gone through a program.

For bigger associations and organizations, Web development groups can comprise of many individuals (Web designers) and observe standard techniques like Agile strategies while creating Web destinations. More modest associations may just require a solitary lasting or contracting engineer, or optional task to related occupation positions, for example, a visual architect or data frameworks specialist. Web development might be a community exertion between offices as opposed to the space of an assigned office. There are three sorts of Web engineer specialization: front-end designer, back-end engineer, and full-stack designer. Front-end engineers are liable for conduct and visuals that run in the client program, while back-end designers manage the workers. Among Web experts, “Web development” ordinarily alludes to the principle of non-plan parts of building Web destinations: composing mark-up and coding. Web development may utilize content administration frameworks (CMS) to roll out substance improvements simpler and accessible with fundamental specialized abilities.

The backend dev utilizes PC projects to guarantee that the worker, the application and the data set run easily together. This kind of dev needs to examine what an organization’s requirements are and give proficient programming arrangements. To do so much astonishing stuff they utilize an assortment of worker side dialects, as PHP, Ruby, Python and Java.


  • Important Materials
  •  E-books  


Learn Java for Web Development by Vishal Layka –



WordPress for Web Developers: An Introduction for Web Professionals by Stephanie Leary –



MEAN Web Development by Amos Q. Haviv –



Mastering Full Stack React Web Development by Tomasz Dyl & Kamil Przeorski –



Django Cookbook Web Development with Django – Step by Step Guide by Beau Curtin –



  • Videos –

Web Development Full Course – 10 Hours Learn Web Development from Scratch,  Edureka  https://youtu.be/Q33KBiDriJY

How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer | Complete Roadmap https://youtu.be/nknwAOtmtD

Python Web Development ,Web Development Using Django ,Python Django Tutorial  Edureka https://youtu.be/zuxzE7–RYM

How to teach yourself web development  https://youtu.be/hEZEZQbMOlQ

Web Development Course ,Web Development Training , Intellipaat         https://youtu.be/7T3gVzKHOlU


  1. Tips for Web Development

Certain skills are there whose demand is growing with time, one of these skills is web development. Web development is a combination of both front end and back end development. Being a web developer will guarantee you a job and will give you a lot of opportunities for years and decades. Below are some tips to start your career as a web developer:

  1.  Learn Basics: Web development starts with front end development, as a beginner try to learn and grasp a good knowledge on front end development tools and libraries.
  2. Choose your stack: As a web developer you will have a lot of stack to choose from such as MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js) stack, MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) stack, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack or WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. It is advised to stick to one stack as per your requirement.
  3. Backend: A web developer has the responsibility of the entire website. Having knowledge in backend development will help a developer to ensure security and efficiency of the website.
  4. Projects: A web developer needs to have a knowledge of more than one programming language, thus it is always recommended to engage in projects. There are tons of projects available for free on the internet, you can take help of that.
  5. Resources: To become a full fledged web developer it may take a year or more, so it is always suggested to go through online free resources to follow a specific roadmap.

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