Spanish B1

Spanish B1

Dar una buena acogida. Welcome to the second chapter of your story. We are proud of your progress and the story that you have written. Here’s to more. This course will give you a deeper meaning and understanding.

Spanish B1 Spanish B1

Why is this course for you?

You have come this far. This course will give an insight on how to converse and analyses. This course will slightly more overwhelming than the rest mainly because there is a leap. This course consists of topics with your personal opinion and being able to express them. Expressions of your thoughts is vital because you’re going to change the world. You will also be given the chance to guide yourself into different topics by interest and daily lifestyles.

Why Elan Academy?

Our sole goal is to ensure that you’re coming out of this course brighter and stronger. This course will challenge you and push you which is why we are here to make sure that you’re on the right track and understand the complexity. Our team members are here to work with you and be right by your side when things feel unsettling. This journey is something we wan you to endorse only because it will give you the opportunity of being open minded and reflective.

Each path and stone shall be taken by us. We will motivate you and work with your pace and understanding. Your trainer is going to be your guardian angle throughout this course. A challenge that will plan your roots. Let us have the honor of planting the seed.


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Grammar content

  • Details of direct and indirect objects
  • Placement and positions of pronouns
  • Past tense
  • Indefinite and imperfect
  • Adjectives and pronouns
  • Past perfect
  • Regular affirmative and negative imperatives

Functional content

  • Expressing intentions and objectives
  • Offering and asking for help
  • Accepting and rejecting
  • Formulating questions and hypothesis
  • Being able to ask for others mood and health
  • Introducing a topics and opinion
  • Ending conversations as well responding well to general conversations
  • Active communication
  • Repeating yourself in the same manner
  • Verifying if you haven’t understood anything

Learning objectives

  • Expressing themselves with reasonable fluency
  • Being able to communicate and converse in several topics
  • Summarize your opinion
  • Describing your interests and everyday routine in detail
  • Communicating quickly and being able to give brief speeches
  • Being guided into the city, renting cars, cooking recipes and more.
  • Expressing and responding to personal feelings

Spanish B1 Spanish B1

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