Spanish A1

Spanish A1

Hola. Bienvenidos. Welcome to your own land of Spain. This course is a journey you shall never forget. This language consists of culture and tradition which will allow you to learn and enhance your knowledge about the world. You can be the eagle that rises to the occasion to ensure a safe and joyous landing or sit on the tree wondering about what it be like to soar higher. Who would you like to be?

A1 Spanish Level | LAE Madrid – Spanish Language School

Why is this course for you?

This course will divide you into the 43% of the population who are bilingual. Being a bilingual person supports you in several ways. Opportunities of better universities, jobs and more. This course is created to support your basic introduction into the Spanish language. Just like many languages Spanish is a form of culture, spontaneity and diversity. This course will outburst all the different colors and aspects of learning and adapting to a different environment. Diversify yourself.

Why Elan Academy?

Elan Academy has staff members ready to share this culture and tradition with you. Being a youth of the community means that you’re the future of the community. Your will write how the world will progress. Having the understanding of different cultures around the world allows you to respect and honor yours. Our one on one training will allow each student to be able to showcase their talent as well as be able to understand and adapt to the language at their pace. Learning a language will take time and practice but we are here to drive your urge and have your pulse racing to learn more. Let your colorful path begin here.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of everyday situations and simple phrases
  • Being able to introduce themselves and others
  • Giving basic information about your location, belongings and more.
  • Carrying out basic daily tasks and responsibilities.

Functional content

  • Greetings and goodbye’s
  • Introductions of themselves and others
  • Asking for forgiveness and giving thanks
  • Showcasing their doubts
  • Identifying people, places or objects
  • Description of habitual or present actions
  • Describing plans and projects
  • Being able to express your opinions
  • Understanding of how to start or end a speech.

Grammar Content

  • Basic phrases
  • Important commands and responses
  • Ability of asking basic questions
  • Alphabets
  • The nouns, adjectives, verbs and more.
  • Days of the week, months and seasons of the year
  • The numbers
  • Pronouns, adverbs, present regular, present irregular and more.
  • Most used frequent reflexive verbs
  • Go to + Infinitive

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Spanish A1

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