MS PowerPoint

  • What is MS PowerPoint Presentation?

A software that is included in the Microsoft Office suite is MS PowerPoint. For personal and professional reasons, it is used to make presentations.

A few important things to understand about the creation and implementation of Microsoft PowerPoint are given below:

  • The program was developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin in a software business called Forethought, Inc.
  • It was released on April 20, 1987 and it was acquired by Microsoft after 3 months of its development.
  • The first version of this program was MS PowerPoint 2.0 when it was released by Microsoft (1990).
  • It is a presentation-based software that makes a presentation more interactive and meaningful using graphics, videos etc.
  •  “.ppt” is the file extension for a saved PowerPoint presentation.
  • A PowerPoint presentation is often referred to as PPT, containing slides and other functions.

Gradually, the software became more innovative and more engaging with each version. In PowerPoint, several other features have been introduced that have greatly expanded the requirements and usage of this MS Office software. A PowerPoint slide can be added with the following elements:

  1. Clip Art
  2. Graphs
  3. Tables
  4. Photographs
  5. Charts
  6. Media Clips
  7. Videos

In order to improve presentation skills and make the slide more interactive, all these elements are primarily used.

  1. Why is MS PowerPoint Important?

At present, we are in a generation where ‘technology’ has become every human being’s middle name. Technology has spread its wings everywhere, ranging from baby goods to landing on Mars.

Today, from a business point of view, PowerPoint presentations have benefited the most in technological advancement, as the use of technology is reflected on the enhancement and excellent efficiency of a company’s presentation designs.

First impressions leave a long mark. It always makes sense to introduce a new product or service on social media, but a great corporate presentation design, whether in a static or video form, often engages the viewer at a deeper level.

By using multimedia, making the presentation more engaging will help to increase the attention of the audience. To have a greater visual effect, PowerPoint enables the use of images, audio and video. A narrator may also be more improvisational and interactive with the audience using these visual and audio signals. Try not to overly depend on these sources, however, as your message can get lost in the clutter.

Although presentation instruments are an invaluable way of producing and engaging meetings, they also generate some significant security risks for businesses. Fortunately, you can save PowerPoint presentations on shared network drives, aiding to avoid the possibility of leaks.

  1. Important Materials
  • E-books

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Bible –


PowerPoint 2010 All-in-One For Dummies by Peter Weverka ––1jKhAq5AbTLtF48N51zIxtWvlgg/view?usp=sharing


Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson –


Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Bible by Faithe Wempen –


  • Videos


  1. Tips for MS PowerPoint

When we open PowerPoint for the first time, we get to know that there are many features and tools. But it can be very easy for a beginner to get start with if they keep the following tips in their mind:

  1. Ribbon: Ribbon menu is found across many of Microsoft apps such as word, excel, PowerPoint and many others. The ribbon contains a series of tabs that can help a user in a lot of ways.
  2. Choosing the correct slide: PowerPoint comes with two variants; free and premium. Both the variants contain different types of templates which you can choose according to your requirement and choice.
  3. Avoid too much text: Using too much text is one of the most common presentation mistakes. A couple of sentences per slide and no more, is the ideal way of representing the presentation.
  4. Use images: A picture tells a thousand words. A good image can convey a better message than a ton of texts. Choosing the picture which is relevant to what you’re saying creates a positive impact.
  5. Over-use of animations: Slide in and fade ins of the next slide seems pretty impressive but sliding-in every bullet point in the slide becomes irritating for a longer presentation.
  6. Resources: Getting started with online resources for learning PowerPoint is a great way to acquire more knowledge in a limited period of time.

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