Mongo DB

What is MongoDB?

It caters to a document-oriented NoSQL database which can be effectively used for voluminous data storage. MongoDB does not use tables and rows as in the case of traditional and relational databases. Rather, it uses collections as well as documents. The documents contain key-value pairs which form the basic unit of data in case of MongoDB. Whereas, collection consists of document sets and function sets that remain equivalent to relational database tables. This database came into use in the mid-2000s. 

Why MongoDB?

There are a great number of reasons which cater to the usefulness of MongoDB. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Document-oriented – MongoDB is known to be a database that is of NoSQL type. It has data in a relational type of format; rather, it stores the required data in a document format. This feature makes the database immensely flexible as well as adaptable to the requirements and situations in the real business world. 
  2. Indexing – To improve the performance of the search that happens within MongoDB, indexes can be created. Any field in the MongoDB document can be easily indexed. 
  3. Load balancing – 
  4. Ad hoc queries – The database supports situations like searching by fields or range queries as well as searches of regular expression. Queries can be formulated to return specific fields within the documents. 
  5. Replication – The MongoDB database is known to provide high availability with respect to the replica sets. Normally, a replica set contains more than two MongoDB instances. 

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  1. SQL and NoSql concepts
  2. Create and manage MongoDB
  3. Migration of data into MongoDB
  4. MongoDB with PHP
  5. MongoDB with NodeJS
  6. Services offered by MongoDB


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