1. What is an Internship?

An internship is a short term working opportunity offered by companies and other different organizations to employees known as Intern, usually students and undergraduates for a fixed period to experience the working environment and career development. Internships can be both paid and unpaid and the length varies from minimum one month to maximum six months.

  1. Why Internship?

Internships help students to work on projects related to their stream, gaining practical experience about the field, making industry connections, developing both soft and hard skills. Further, the experience letter which is handed over to the students on the successful completion of the internship means a lot in future while giving job interviews. Internship experience gives students an edge over other students. Students will gain real work experience when they will meet pros and gradually they will start building their own networks.

  1. How to prepare for Internships?

There are numerous websites which offer you the opportunity to apply for internships in different companies according to your career stream. Some of the best sites are –Internshala, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google, youtern, etc.

  1. Important Materials:
  2. EBooks-

An Employers Guide to Building a Quality Internship:

Essential Components of a Successful Internship Program:

An Internship Workbook:

  1. Videos-

How to Outperform on Your Internship-

Things You Should Not Do at Your Internship! –

Tips to turn your internship into a permanent job-

How To Get An Internship In India?-


  1. Important Tips:

Students should go through all the company policies before accepting the internship. Students should only start the internship after getting the offer letter. At the end of the internship they must always collect the experience letter because it’s the proof of their hard work and passion they put behind the particular internship.


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