German B1

German B1

Why is this course for you?

Your milestones. Welcome to the second land of Germany. The German language is a combination of complexity and culture. Today we aim to bring out your passion into the real world. Be able to test yourself. In this course you put yourself on the stand. To be able to discover your talents as well as be able to showcase your talents to the world. Being a bilingual person allows any college or job to see that this person is someone with talent and the courage to take risks.

German B1 German B1

As you are already at the B1 level we believe that you’re a person who can reach great achievements. This course is a combination of all that you learnt in A1 lessons and connecting it to the real-life situations. The syllabus has been created to match the learning outcomes we hope a student is able to catch upon. Its built so that we are able to mold you into conversations and complex texts. Are you ready for it?

Why Elan Academy?

A complex course such as the German B1 level is going to be challenging. Which is why Elan Academy has created the process of one to one attention. The one to one attention allows students to grasp and be more comfortable with their trainers. The trainers have dedicated their time to ensure that all students are able to connected with the subject in the best possible manner. Elan Academy assures you to grow as a person in this course as well as be able to discover and share your capabilities.

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Learning outcomes for German B1:

  • A clear understanding of the topics under a work environment, school and leisure time.
  • Is able to communicate in most situations commonly when using public transport
  • Being able to describe your dreams and hopes
  • Making clear statements on how to justify their opinions and thoughts


Syllabus for German B1:

  • The ability to produce complex texts and passages connected with your personal life and routine
  • To begin narrating your future aspirations and dreams as well as being able to describe them extensively
  • Expressing your personal opinions and feelings as well as coordinating valid reasons
  • Being able to express personal and controversial topics in the best manner possible.
  • Working under more speech like patterns

Main coverage for German B1:

  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary


German B1 German B1

German B1

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