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  • What is French TEF exam?

The TEF is an international benchmark present for testing and measuring the knowledge level of the individuals in French and their various skills associated with it. It was created in 1998 by the Paris ile-de-France CCI and this exam is also awarded by CCIP (Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional). This exam is intended for the non-native speakers who want to set their foot in France. The candidate’s skills are measured on the basis of reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening. The French TEF exam qualifies to be the only language exam in French that is accepted by the Canadian immigration. A minimum score is set for the individuals so as to set a benchmark of qualification.  The exam consists of five sections where three sections are mandatory whereas the other two are optional. Accordingly, points are allotted with limited time.

  • Why French TEF exam?

The French TEF exam provides the necessary confirmations of one’s competency level in French. This confirmation is valid in case of any professional, mobility related or academic context. It helps the individuals who want to study in France. People can even opt for French nationality by the help of a form of French TEF exam. The attainment of a French resident card becomes possible with the help of this exam.


  • How to prepare for TEF Exam


  1. French language is considered as a great language where many people keep their interest and passion. Whereas there are a number of people among them for whom learning French language is very important as it helps them in their career growth which is very essential. They not only learn the language but also go through French TEF exam to get certification which in turn validates their knowledge.
  2. The certification has a goodwill which is awarded by the Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP) which has a good esteem and status in this area. That is why people urge to give this exam.
  3. So, you can download the “TEF le Manuel du candidat” where you will find all the information about the test format and even get some sample questions for the examination.
  4. It can give you a good idea of what to expect in the exam and what not to. There are also some manuals where they recommend a free app to install and provide online tutorial.
  5. By this procedure and format, you will have a better idea about your weak areas and the areas where you need to improve yourself.


  1. 4Important Materials
  •  E-books

TEF Test d’Evaluation de Francais – TEF – 250 activites (French Edition) by Sylvie Pons –


Objectif réussite: TEF – Test d’évaluation de français. Часть 1- книга –


Le Français correct, 2e pour les Nuls –



  • Videos

French: TEF Canada Preparation #1 –

How to prepare for the TCF / TEF French Tests –

How to prepare for TEF/TCF Canada – From Beginner to B2 –

TEF Canada Exam Structure –

TEF Canada, Study Plan –


  • Sample Paper for TEF exam – 

Comprehension oral listening test –


  1. Important Tips for French TEF Exam

French TEF exam is the best exam to get certified for the knowledge of French language.

  1. First and foremost thing is that there are no shortcuts to prepare for any exam. At last, hard work is the key to ultimate success. Therefore, you should always make a mainstream plan on how to complete the syllabus for the exam to qualify.
  2. Do not ever pile up or mound yourself with unnecessary books and reading materials. Always make up your mind to buy the required number of books and learn through it thoroughly.
  3. You always need to remember and make up your mind that there is nothing such as easy or difficult method of preparing for the exam. You need to find your own method which suits you to read and learn or catch-up things easily.
  4. You need to take help of mock tests to get acquainted with exam patterns and syllabus so that you can manage time efficiently.
  5. You should get the right guidance or mentorship during your preparation which can help you to learn and prepare better for the examination. There are many online resources like teaching material which can give you correct guidance to crack the exam easily and successfully.

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