French C2

French C2:

Your final step!!! Vouloir c’est pouvoir… You are a mighty warrior. You have overcome your fears and difficulties around the language. You have intensified your passion. Your last step is more interactive. You will be tested to see if you’re ready to leave the nest. What do you think are you ready?


Why is this course for you?

Its almost the end to a mile stone before you are able to create and embrace your future. This course consists of topics that not just help you develop but also prepare you whilst writing examinations or for a presentation. These topics are a final recap of the lessons you have obtained from this journey. You might have been scared or overwhelmed but the most overwhelming part for sure is when you complete this course. It is created for you to be completely fluent and to be able to understand complex situations to share your opinion. This course intensifies your capabilities in ready, writing, listening and speaking. With any language as well as French you learn something new every day. So here is to freedom and exploration. Its your time to shine.

Topics for French C2:

  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Debate
  • Recording
  • World/current crisis


Why Elan Academy?

Elan Academy. A place where we put your dreams before us. We are here for you. To guide you and take you into the world stronger and more confident. We design this course based on your motivation and desire. French a language of expression and beauty. You might be aiming to apply into a European university or country. No matter your aim we will make sure you receive higher and bigger. We focus on your future. We will ensure that this is a course that you will never forget. Are you ready for the real world?


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Syllabus for French C2:

  • Communication with native speakers about world crisis and more
  • Debating with examiners as well as being prepped
  • Conducting and analysing surveys
  • Extensive reports
  • Speaking in lectures and designed topics
  • Analysing both written and audio recordings
  • Working with examiners
  • Analysing examiners expectations and improvements

And more…


Main coverage:

  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary

Learning outcomes:

  • Can read, write and understand a wide range of text which is lengthy, more complex, demanding and can recognise the meanings.
  • Can express oneself fluently without searching for expressions or phrases.
  • Can communicate in the language flexibly and efficiently for social and professional purposes.
  • Can produce in writing clear and orally well-structured text on complex subjects. Is able to show controlled use of connectors, patterns and cohesive devices
  • Has a vast knowledge on French matters related to social, economic, politics, etc.

French C2 French C2

French C2 French C2

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