French A1

French A1

Bonjour!! Bienvenue dans un voyage que vous n’oublierez jamais. Welcome… To a journey that you’ll never forget. French is a language of love, expression and more. This expression is beyond just words it’s a form of communication that is so strong and so divine. The French language is a well-known language in several international countries. It gives you the upper hand specifically in Europe and Canada. French is the second most widely taught language around the world.

Why is this for you?

You must be here because obviously you have caught the essence of the French language. In this course we introduce you to this beautiful language which will form several vibrant paths. You might be moving to a different university, city, state or even country, which might need the requirement of French. You might be here on a requirement basis or a passion basis. If you’re here on a requirement basis we will change this obligation into something you love. If you’re here as your passion we will dig further and enhance this passion. The French language is a smooth, elegant and distinct language which will enhance your path into your future and will mold you into this multicultural and dynamic human being.

Why Elan Academy?

Elan academy provides more than a tutor in this course. Each trainer and advisor are dedicated to this language. They flow with the language. They are professionally trained and understand the levels and methods that need to be in place to ensure that you are receiving the best out of the program. We will add one more milestone in your life as well as giving you the guarantee that you will pass through with flying colours. We assure that this experience will ensure you to become this mindful, multidimensional human being. Our course consists of basic introduction topics which will be taught according to your speed, your understanding and your capabilities. We will show you that you’re capable to learning this language with dedication. We are here for you. We will work with you. We will make you proud.


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Learning outcomes for French A1:

  • To be able to read, comprehend and analyze a wide range of messages and texts, such as; shorts texts and comprehensions.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the diversity of the Francophone world.
  • Completion of work with grammatical accuracy in both spoken and written.
  • Being on time in terms of submissions and assignments
  • Can communicate and respond to basic questions.

Syllabus for French A1:

  • All proficiency tests
  • Accents
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Aller; near future
  • Aller; to go
  • Alphabets
  • Arriver; arrive, happen
  • Articles; le. la, les, un, une, des, du, de la.
  • Speech

Main coverage:

  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary

French A1 French A1

French A1

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