Spanish B1

What is Spanish B1?

Spanish B1 is the second chapter of your story. We are proud of your progress and the story that you have written. Here’s to more. This course will give you a deeper meaning and understanding. Our sole goal is to ensure that you’re coming out of this course brighter and stronger. This course will challenge you and push you which is why we are here to make sure that you’re on the right track and understand the complexity. Our team members are here to work with you and be right by your side when things feel unsettling. This journey is something we want you to endorse only because it will give you the opportunity of being open minded and reflective.

Why Spanish B1? Benefits and opportunities

This course will give an insight on how to converse and analyse. This course will be slightly more overwhelming than the rest mainly because there is a leap. This course consists of topics with your personal opinion and being able to express them. Expressing your thoughts is vital because you’re going to change the world. You will also be given the chance to guide yourself into different topics by interest and daily lifestyles.

How to prepare for Spanish B1?


Functional content-

  • Expressing intentions and objectives
  • Offering and asking for help
  • Accepting and rejecting
  • Formulating questions and hypothesis
  • Being able to ask for others mood and health
  • Introducing a topics and opinion
  • Ending conversations as well responding well to general conversations
  • Active communication
  • Repeating yourself in the same manner
  • Verifying if you haven’t understood anything

Tips and Tricks:

This course can be overwhelming and stressful which is why these tips and tricks will always help you stay calm and centered during both classes and possible assignments.

  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Listening to the local radio of Germany
  • Watching local movies
  • Guidance from teachers
  • Sample papers
  • Test yourself
  • Audio recordings from native speakers

Self-motivation is your biggest key. Once you are capable of pushing yourself to your fullest capabilities you will be able to understand the depth of the language. The materials provided here will guide you and support you when you feel a bit lost.

Grammar content:

  • Details of direct and indirect objects
  • Placement and positions of pronouns
  • Past tense
  • Indefinite and imperfect
  • Adjectives and pronouns
  • Past perfect
  • Regular affirmative and negative imperatives

Preparation patterns:

Keeping a high and constant schedule will allow you to have a better planning and understanding during this course. The pattern of exam is listed below but will also give you an insight on the things to focus on.

The best way to prepare is to plan ahead. At Elan we provide you with all the tips and guidance. This shall prepare you for the course. Keep your head held high.

Important materials:

Ebooks –

Video links –

Vocabulary –

Verbs –

Phrases –

Job interview –

Listening comprehension –

Beginning advanced classes –

Conversations –

Advanced vocabulary –

Sample papers-

Sample paper #1 –

Sample paper #2 –

Sample paper #3 –

Sample paper #4 –

Sample paper #5 –

Important tips for Spanish B1 and the examination:

Exam details –

This examination will consist of 4 modules: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

It will be divided into 2 different groups. The first group is a reading comprehension. This task will have a duration of 70 minutes. In these 70 minutes you will have to complete 5 tasks. The written expressions will have a duration of 60 minutes. The 60 minutes will be for 2 tasks.

The second group consists of both listening comprehensions and orals. The listening comprehension will be a 40 minutes examination. During this time, you will be asked to complete 5 tasks. The second objective is the orals. For your goals you will have 15 mins and 15 more mins for your preparation.

Make sure to prioritize your work so that you’re able to complete everything on time while still being able to recheck your work.

Exam cracking tips –

All the tips learnt during this course will guide you through your examination. Remember to pace yourself. Don’t stress. Work on the different strategies provided to you. When reading make sure to underline or highlight the important fact. During writing beware of your time. Keep yourself focused. Don’t deviate to another topic or factor, focus on one and keep building the idea. Read the instructions carefully. Follow them and make sure that you’re rechecking your answers. During the listening test make sure to write down important dates, names etc. Make sure to always keep your focus. When you’re calm and centred you can achieve it all.

Spanish B1 Spanish B1

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