Soft Skills

  • What are Soft Skills?

The different character traits along with various interpersonal skills form soft skills. These skills characterize the relationship of an individual with other individuals in any place. Particularly, in the case of the workplace, the soft skills are considered immensely important to compliment the different hard skills that a person possesses. The hard skills comprise the knowledge and occupational skills of an individual. Sociologists mainly describe soft skills as to the emotional quotient of the person. Soft skills deal with the fact that who the people are and not what they do or know. These skills define a part of the whole personality of the individual.

In a competitive scenario, it is well observed that the individuals who show the perfect balance of hard skills and soft skills tend to prosper and succeed better. Soft skills consist of both attributes as well as personality traits. The ability to communicate properly with clients and colleagues, leading a team, getting things done in time and negotiating contracts form part of soft skills.


  • Why Soft skills?

Soft skills are very important for every individual in all levels of the workplace. It is very important to pair hard skills with soft skills to go forward and make a fruitful career ahead. The main reason to gain soft skills are:

  1. It helps in great career progression and helps the individuals in promoting their positions in the organizations. It can help greatly during job interviews and throughout the job.
  2. Today’s workplace scenario is more into interpersonal relations. In this situation, getting in line with soft skills is very important for the individuals as they have to keep pace with the changing world.
  3. When individuals have soft skills, they tend to be more productive to the organization. they way in which they communicate their thoughts varies from those who do not possess soft skills.
  4. The more confident a person is on himself/herself, the less stress they have. Soft skills boost self-confidence among the individuals giving them the caliber to reduce their stress and manage difficult situations.
  5. Growing in a career also requires patience. This is the reason why students require soft skills. Gaining these skills at a young age can help them even better in case of jobs and career growth.
  6. The emotional intelligence that people gain through acquiring soft skills is of great relevance.


  1. How to develop soft skills? 
  1. To develop different soft skills, first you have to develop a mindset to learn something new. It is very important to make up your mind to learn because any kind of resilience can be a hurdle in the learning pathway.
  2. You need to sort out which soft skills you need to focus on more. Of course, the basic skills are necessary but the different skills that come along need precision.
  3. Guidance is very important when you are longing to learn something new. With proper guidance, one can easily get acquainted with the new concepts and skills.


  • Important material
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Leader Interpersonal and Influence Skills: The Soft Skills of Leadership by  Ronald E. Riggio & Sherylle J. Tan  –



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  1. Important tips to boost soft skill training

Taking soft skill training can help the individuals in gaining the skills in a better way. Here are a few tips that individuals can consider while taking a soft skill training:

  1. Take active participation in public speaking. It helps greatly in building confidence which forms a major part of the soft skills.
  2. Learn how to communicate your feelings by using proper words. This is something that is very important for any individual. Carefully choosing the words and presenting them wisely is essential.
  3. In many jobs, having leadership skills is greatly appreciated and required. It is a part of the essential soft skills that will help the individual to be efficient and productive in the job.
  4. Getting into teamwork can be of great benefit when it comes to soft skills. Being in a team and interacting with people help in learning a variety of soft skills.

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