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French is the 18th most spoken language according to the number of native speakers in the world with around 74 million native speakers. French, a Romance language which has its origin in Latin is official language of twenty-nine countries and is the main language of France and is the third most spoken language in Europe after English and German. In India, French language is spoken by a number of inhabitants of the Union Territory of Puducherry and French is taught in a number of states like Maharashtra and West Bengal.


French is among the world’s most influential languages. It is an official language of a multitude of international organizations including the United Nations and is among the most taught languages worldwide. It is also an important judicial language and is an official language for several international courts, tribunals and judicial bodies.

The captivating history of the French revolution and the ideas of great thinkers from France are still widely read and taught, making several aspects of the French language and culture familiar to much of the world. The influence of French cuisine in the everyday life of people also adds to the soft power of the language. French translation services become all the more relevant in this context of cultural power.



  • Start by doing free translations for NGOs and volunteer organizations
  • Apply to be a secretary or assistant in an established translation office
  • Register on translation job and freelance sites
  • Create an all-star French translator profile on social media

Although translation is more complicated than most people think, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will be prepared to take the steps needed to become a French translator. And by translating, even the expert French speaker will take their French to new heights!




  1. 365 Days of French Expressions_ Audiobook Link Download Edition (French Edition) ( PDFDrive ):


  1. A frequency dictionary of French _ core vocabulary for learners ( PDFDrive ):


  1. Beginners’ French_ Learn French Language (Classic Reprint) ( PDFDrive ):


  1. Thinking French Transalation_ A Course in Translation Method  ( PDFDrive ):



  1. learn french Conversation- english 1 3 real human reader not computer generated voices:


  1. 200 Words Every French Beginner Must-Know:


  1. French Lesson 15 INTRODUCE YOURSELF in French Basic conversation Se présenter Presentarse en francés:


  1. French Alphabets/Letters with Examples & Pronunciation | In Hindi & English:


  1. Learn French with French 101 – Greetings – Level One:



  • Read extensively. You must have a comprehensive knowledge of both the source text and the target languages
  • Get to know the relevant terminology
  • Speak your languages frequently
  • Visit the country whose language you want to learn
  • Find an area to specialize in

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