French B2

What is French B2?

One of your last steps into an unravelling journey. This course is where you begin to comprehend and analyse larger texts. Enhance your communication skills. As well as begin conversing with native speakers to have a better understanding of communication and fluency. The language as any other comes with steps and levels. This level ensures that you’re able to connect and showcase your capabilities in real life situations and not just as a course.


Why French B2? Benefits and opportunities

This course will enhance your communication skills, listening and reading skills. In this course we focus on time management, understanding of the topics and more. The level ensures that you’re connected with the real world and are able to adapt to the situations. Its to ensure that you will be able to express your opinions in the best manner possible. This course is the step to a fluent and expressive stage.


How to prepare for French B2?


  • Is able to understand long lectures and speeches involving complex lines and arguments.
  • Being able to understand and analyse news, movies, TV shows, etc.
  • Be able to read articles and reports for a more particular point of view and accurate analyses.
  • Understanding of contemporary literary text.
  • Fluent communication and normal conversation with a native speaker.
  • Active participation in group discussions
  • Be able to express your thoughts and point of view in a detailed manner.
  • Vocabulary topics: current affairs and social trends


Tips and Tricks:

The advice and support provided will guide you through this course. It’ll help you be centred and calm. All these tips are engaging to ensure that your passion is encouraged and supported.

  • YouTube videos
  • Audio books
  • Short stories
  • News channels
  • Radios
  • Movies
  • Newspapers
  • E-books
  • Textbooks
  • Interviews with native speakers
  • Conversation with native speakers

The tips and tricks gained here will ensure to keep your passion. It is to make sure you keep up the drive and the urge to learn more. Keep yourself in track, self-motivation is key.


Preparation patterns:

Keeping a high and constant schedule will allow you to have a better planning and understanding during this course. The pattern of exam is listed below but will also give you an insight on the things to focus on.

The best way to prepare is to plan ahead. At Elan we provide you with all the tips and guidance. This shall prepare you for the course. Keep your head held high.


Important materials:


Grammar revision –

Video links-

Advanced listening –

Understanding fast spoken French –

Vocabulary –

Listening skills –

Sample papers-

Sample paper #1 –

Sample paper #2 –

Sample paper #3 –


Important tips for French B2 and the examinations:

Exam details –

The DELF B2 French examination will consist of 4 modules:

The listening examination will have a duration of about 30 minutes. The questionnaire will surround 2 different recordings. The first recording can be an interview, news bulletin etc. This recording will only be played once. The second recording will consist of a presentation, lecture, speech or documentary etc. This recording will have a maximum duration of 8 mins. The examination is marked out of 25 points.

The reading section of the examination will have a duration of 1 hour. You will be handling 2 different written documents. The first text will be a passage with information based on the culture of France or a basic idea of France. The second text will be in an argumentative manner. The examination will carry 25 marks.

The writing part will have a duration of one hour. You will be asked to take a personal stand where you could either be for or against a part of debate, review of a film, formal letter etc. Make sure to express yourself and put yourself out there. No matter your opinion, share it. Make sure to read the instructions well and follow the required limits. This part of the examination will also be out of 25 marks.

The speaking section will have a duration of approximately 20 minutes whilst having 30 minutes of preparation as well. You will be asked to state and defend your statements based on a certain topic which will be given by the examiners. This examination consists of 25 marks.

Exam cracking tips –

All the tips learnt during this course will guide you through your examination. Remember to pace yourself. Don’t stress. Work on the different strategies provided to you. When reading make sure to underline or highlight the important fact. During writing beware of your time. Keep yourself focused. Don’t deviate to another topic or factor, focus on one and keep building the idea. Read the instructions carefully. Follow them and make sure that you’re rechecking your answers. During the listening test make sure to write down important dates, names etc. Make sure to always keep your focus. When you’re calm and centred you can achieve it all.

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