French A2

What is French A2?

Un autre jalon!!! Another milestone… A language is precision and passion. Being on the second stage of the course means that you have established and understood the depth behind the language. This second is harder. Now you’re beginning to put yourself in situations that are new. But with the guidance and support you will be able to build up. The French A2 is a course that will build up your knowledge as well as train the inbuilt talent. This course is designed to be slightly more complex than A1 which is why all the information provided below will help you pave your path into your future. French A2 consists of enhancements and personal connection. In this course you will begin with yourself, your family, your background. This course is all about you and your life. Here you will learn how to build your grammar, vocabulary, speech, written and more.


Why French A2? Benefits and opportunities

With this use of your foundation you will grow into being able to differentiate while conversing in different situations and be able to handle real life aspects. This course is going to build your future into a various lane. When companies hire you, they will directly be able to understand and recognize that you’re a bilingual person and a person willing to get out from their comfort zones. The opportunities you will be able to grasp after this will give a new adventure and higher scopes.


How to prepare for French A2?


Being able to talk about

  • Yourself
  • Your education
  • Background
  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Activities
  • How to shop for groceries
  • Order a meal
  • Book a hotel room
  • Use of public transportation
  • Reading and analysing posters, catalogues, brochures etc.
  • To be able to take orders

And more…

Tips and tricks:

Learning a new language can be stressful which is why these tips will allow you to be centred and calm. These links and tips will give you a better understanding of the topic and the syllabus that will come along the way of this course.

  • YouTube videos
  • Sample papers
  • Short stories
  • Audio books
  • Local radio
  • Songs
  • Short movies or clips
  • Audio recordings

These tips and tricks will guide you through this course to ensure that you’re not lost and are able to centre yourself. All these materials will make the course more fun and educational. Ensuring that you are dedicating your time and motivating yourself is the key of this course. Keep your head high, it’ll go a long way.

Preparation patterns:

Keeping a high and constant schedule will allow you to have a better planning and understanding during this course. The pattern of exam is listed below but will also give you an insight on the things to focus on.

The best way to prepare is to plan ahead. At Elan we provide you with all the tips and guidance. This shall prepare you for the course. Keep your head held high.

Important materials:


Revised textbooks –

Video links –

Passe Compose –

Les 3 groupes –

Listening comprehension –

Basic phrases –

How to clear your French A2? –

Production orale –

Sample papers-

Sample paper #1 –

Sample paper #2 –

Sample papers #3 –

Important tips for French A2 and the examinations:

Exam details –

The examination consists of 4 modules. Listening, writing, reading and speaking.

The listening comprehension will have a duration of 15 mins. You will be asked to respond to questions based on the recordings that you will hear. There can be 3 or 4 recordings based around everyday situations. The recordings will be played twice by the examiner. Each recording will go on for a duration of 3 minutes. This part of the examination will carry 25 marks.

The written comprehension module will be designed for you to respond to the passages given. They will provide you with a possible of 4-5 passages revolving around your everyday situations. This written section will have a duration of 30 mins. The main writing examination will be divided into 2 parts: a form, and postcards, messages or captions again surrounding the basic topic of your everyday lives. This part of the examination will also carry a duration of 30 mins. Altogether all 3 sections will conclude to a duration of 1 hour.

The oral examination will be conducted for 5-7 mins along with a 10 min preparation time. The examination is divided into 3 main parts. Your first section will consist of a guided interview with the examiner. The second part will be an exchange of information where it could be based on a current theme/issue etc. The third and final section would be a simulated conversation about the given topic.

Exam cracking tips –

All the tips learnt during this course will guide you through your examination. Remember to pace yourself. Don’t stress. Work on the different strategies provided to you. When reading make sure to underline or highlight the important fact. During writing beware of your time. Keep yourself focused. Don’t deviate to another topic or factor, focus on one and keep building the idea. Read the instructions carefully. Follow them and make sure that you’re rechecking your answers. During the listening test make sure to write down important dates, names etc. Make sure to always keep your focus. When you’re calm and centred you can achieve it all.

French A2

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